Über den Mallophagen-Befall bei mongolischen Vögeln im Winter

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:E. Mey
Journal:Orn. Jber. Mus. Heineanum
Pagination:115 - 129
Date Published:1995

In January/Febuary 1984 altogether 127 specimens of 18 mostly passeriforme bird species were collected in west Mongolia and only a short time later ecroparasitologicaly examined. 80 host individuals gave housing for species of Ischnocera (Docophorulus, Cincloecus, Penenirmus, Corvonirmus, Osculonirmus, Brueelis) and / or Amblycera (Menacanthus, Myrsidea, Ricinus). After host results about intensity, prevalence and topography of infestation are presented. Dust bathing as well as low outside temperature don't exclude infestation of Mallophaga in principle but play a subordinate role for the occurance of Mallophaga.

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