Anoplura of tropical West Africa with descriptions of new species and nymphal stages

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1973
Authors:K. Chung Kim, Emerson K. C.
Journal:Revue de Zoologie et de Botanique Africaines
Pagination:425 - 455
Date Published:1973
Keywords:Anoplura, atax, Enderleinellus, Hoplopleura, Lemurphthirus, mtax, n.sp., PHP, Polyplax, Prolinognathus, Scipio

New records of the Anoplura found on mammals in Dahomey, Nigeria, and Togo are reported, including 2 families, 8 genera and 29 species. Two new species of Hoplopleura and 1 new Polyplax species are described and illustrated. Nymphal stages of 1 Hoplopleura and 5 Polyplax species are also described and illustrated. The species discussed in this paper are: Enderleinellus euxeri Ferris, Hoplopleura chippauxi Paulian and Pajot, H. hybomyis Kim and Emerson, n. sp., H. inexpectans Johnson , H. intermedia Kellogg and Ferris, H. myomyis Kim and Emerson, n. sp., H. pelomydis Ferris, H. rukenyae Ferris, H. somereni Waterston, H. spiculifer (Gervais), H. veprecula Ferris, Haemodipsus lyriocephalus (Burmeister), Lemurphthirus galagus Bedford, Neohaematopinus keniae Ferris, Polyplax abyssinica Ferris, P. cummingsi Ferris, P. grammomydis Werneck, P. kaiseri Johnson, P. brachyrrhynchus Cummings, P. oxyrrynchus Cummings, P. reclinata (Nitzsch), P. smalllwoodae Johnson , P. spinulosa (Burmeister), P. parataterae Kim and Emerson, n. sp. ,P. subtaterae Bedford, P. taterae Ferris, Proenderleinellus calvus (Waterston), Scipio aulacodi (Neumann), and Prolinognathus foleyi Fahrenholz.

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