Contributions towards a monograph of the sucking lice. Part II

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1921
Authors:G. Floyd Ferris
Journal:Stanford University Publications, University Series, Biological Sciences
Pagination:52 - 133
Date Published:1921
Keywords:atax, Hoplopleura
Taxonomic name: 
Micropus (Lice), Hoplopleura (Lice), Hoplopleura veprecula (Lice), Hoplopleura trispinosa (Lice), Hoplopleura sciuricola (Lice), Hoplopleura reducta (Lice), Hoplopleura quadridentata (Lice), Hoplopleura pectinata (Lice), Hoplopleura phaiomydis (Lice), Hoplopleura oxymycteri (Lice), Hoplopleura nesoryzomydis (Lice), Hoplopleura neumanni (Lice), Hoplopleura malaysiana (Lice), Hoplopleura maniculata (Lice), Hoplopleura longula (Lice), Hoplopleura laticeps (Lice), Hoplopleura intermedia (Lice), Hoplopleura hirsuta (Lice), Hoplopleura hispida (Lice), Hoplopleura hesperomydis (Lice), Hoplopleura erratica (Lice), Hoplopleura erismata (Lice), Hoplopleura enormis (Lice), Hoplopleura distorta (Lice), Hoplopleura disgrega (Lice), Hoplopleura chrotomydis (Lice), Hoplopleura biseriata (Lice), Hoplopleura bidentata (Lice), Hoplopleura acanthopus (Lice), Hoplopleura apomydis (Lice), Hoplopleura angulata (Lice), Hoplopleura affinis (Lice), Hoplopleura oenomydis (Lice), Hoplopleura sukenyae (Lice), Hoplopleura audax (Lice), Hoplopleura alata (Lice), Phthiraptera (Lice), Kerodon (Mammal (Price et al)), Octodontomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Kerodon (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Malacothrix (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Meriones (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Tatera (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Apomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Arvicanthis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Chrotomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Oenomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Rattus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Oxymycterus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Phyllotis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Rhipidomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Rhinosciurus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Sciurus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Chrotomys whiteheadi (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Oenomys hypoxanthus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Rhipidomys venezuelae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Sciurus carolinensis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder))
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