Cummingsia micheneri, a new species of Mallophaga (Trimenoponidae) from a Venezuelan mouse-opossum (Marsupialia)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Authors:R. M. Timm, Price R. D.
Journal:Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society
Pagination:575 - 580
Date Published:1989
Keywords:mtax, PHP

The previously recognized species of chewing louse, Cummingsia intermedia Wemeck (Mallophaga: Trimenoponidae), is redescribed and illustrated. A new species, C. micheneri, is described and illustrated for lice from a Venezuelan mouse-opossum, Marmosa dryas (Marsupialia: Didelphidae); this material had earlier been misidentified as C. intermedia. Additionally, we discuss identification of these two closely related species and indicate characters that are useful in distinguishing them from all other known species of Cummingsia. A key is provided for the 10 recognized species of the genus.

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