Die Federlingsgattung Cincloecus (Insecta, Phthiraptera, Ischnocera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1994
Authors:E. Mey
Journal:Rudolstädter Naturhistorische Schriften
Pagination:57 - 78
Date Published:1994

The feather louse genus Cincloecus (Insecta, Phthiraptera, Ischnocera). -The taxonomy and systematics of the feather louse genus Cincloecus Eichler in Zlotorzycka, 1964 (Philopteridae, Philopterinar) is revised. The genus has two species, one with two subspecies: Cincloecus c. cincli (Denny) ex Cinclis cinclus, Cincloecus cincli americanus (Kellogg) ex Cinclis mexicanus and Cincloecus pallasii as well as Cincloecus neotropicalis (Carriker) ex Cinclis leucocephalus and C. schulzi. Feather lice of the genus Cincloecus occur across the whole distributional area of the Cinclidae (a map for the Cinclidae is worked out) and seem to have colonsied the genusCinclus before its radiation. Based on parasitological and paleogeographical arguments the evolution of Cincloecus and its hosts is reconstructed. The age of Cincloecus is at least 25-50 Myr. The knowlege of the ectoparasite fauna of the Cinclidae is reviewed. Further more, mostly based on observations on Cincloecus c. cincli, infomation on the following topics is provided: postembryonal development, hyperparasitic fungi of the genus Trenomyces, behaviour, topography, prevelance and intensity of the feather louse occurance on the birds, population dynamics and teratological structures of some specimens of feather louse.

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