The effect of lice infestation on the growth of Hereford calves

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1982
Authors:L. J. Cummins, Graham J. F.
Journal:Australian Veterinary Journal
Pagination:194 - 196
Date Published:1982
ISBN Number:0005-0423
Keywords:Animal Nutrition, animals, Anoplura, Body Weight, cattle, Cattle Diseases, insecticide, Lice Infestations/drug therapy/physiopathology/veterinary, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't, Seasons

Two experiments were carried out to examine the effects of cattle lice on the productivity of young calves. In both experiments the main species present was Linognathus vituli. In the first experiment, treatment of grazing heifers and their suckled calves did not improve the overall bodyweight gain of either the heifers or the calves. The calves experienced a rapid build-up in lice populations during autumn and early winter which was associated with mild transient pathogenic effects, but this was followed by an apparent 'self-cure' reaction and compensatory gain during late winter. In the second experiment young calves were placed in feedlots and fed high and low planes of nutrition. Treatment to remove lice did not result in any improvements in growth rate on either plane of nutrition; however it was clear that untreated, undernourished calves had heavier lice infestation.

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