The efficacy of pediculicides in Israel

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1991
Authors:K. Y. Mumcuoglu, Miller J.
Journal:Israel Journal of Medical Sciences
Pagination:562 - 565
Date Published:1991
Keywords:body, lice, Pediculus humanus humanus

Fourteen pediculicides currently available in Israel were evaluated for their killing effect on the eggs, nymphs and adults from a laboratory-grown colony of body lice (Pediculus humanus humanus). The efficacy of all pediculicides was determined after a single treatment. The exposure time of the lice to the preparations was according to the manufacturers' instructions. The shampoo formulations HAFIF(R) (Abic, Israel), PYRACIDE(R) (Fischer, Israel), A-200 PYRINATE(R) (Norcliff Thayer, USA) and T-PAL(R) (Fischer, Israel) killed 27-78% of the lice and 7-26% of the eggs. PRIODERM(R) (Rafa, Israel) shampoo caused 100% mortality of lice and 13% mortality of eggs. The gel formulation (A-200 Pyrinate) resulted in 100% mortality of lice and 42% mortality of eggs. The liquid formulation (PYRINYL(R), Barre, USA) gave poor results with only 65% killing of lice and 26% of the eggs. The spray formulations (KIN-X(R) and KIN-SOFF(R), Milchan, France; and RICIDE(R), Fischer) killed all the lice and 77-95% of the eggs. Lotion and solution formulations (Hafif; MONOCIDE(R), Fischer; and NOURYL(R), Chefaro, Holland) caused 100% mortality of lice and 36-85% mortality of eggs. Mortality with control solutions varied between 4 and 16% for both lice and eggs.

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