Field study on the insecticidal efficacy of advantage against natural infestations of dogs with lice

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:I. Hanssen, Mencke, N., Asskildt, H., Ewald-Hamm, D., Dorn, H.
Journal:Parasitology Research
Pagination:347 - 348
Date Published:1999

A clinical field trial was performed to evaluate the efficacy of imidacloprid, the active ingredient of Advantage 10% Spot- On, against natural lice infestations on dogs. Imidacloprid was highly effective against both sucking (Linognathus setosus) and biting (Trichodectes canis) lice over the 6-week period of the trial. The duration of efficacy exceeded the egg-to-image development period of both lice. Signs of remission of dermatitis and alopecia became visible to the pet owners at 2 weeks after treatment. The constant pruritus caused by the lice was seen for up to 2-4 weeks after treatment even in the absence of lice.

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