Genetic divergence in Heterodoxus octoseriatus (Phthiraptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1991
Authors:S. C. Barker, Close, R. L., Briscoe, D. A.
Journal:International Journal for Parasitology
Pagination:479 - 482
Date Published:1991
Keywords:allopatry, Allozyme, Amblycera, electrophoresis, evolution, Heterodoxus, hybrid, introgression, lice, octoseratus, parasite, Petrogale, Phthiraptera, rock wallabies, speciation

The geographic distributions of alleles at 11 gene loci in Heterodoxus octoseriatus were examined and found not to be random. Rather, there were at least two geographic patterns, one of which approximated the geographic distributions of the hosts Petrogale p. penicillata and P. p. herberti. Two explanations for the complex geographic arrangement of alleles and the unusually high level of intraspecific variation in H. octoseratus diverged in allopatry, and that subsequent hybredization of the new taxa led to differential introgression of the alleles. Secondly that H. octoseratus inhabits heterogeneous environments and that the intraspecific variation is a direct result of natural selection. The likelihood that evidence for divergence followed by hybredistation will be found in other species in the H. octoseratus group is discussed.

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