Head Lice: Perfectly Adapted Human Predators

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:S. W. Pray
Journal:American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education
Pagination:204 - 209
Date Published:1999

Students in their senior year realize that the real world is uncomfortably close. They appreciate learning about nonprescription products from a faculty member who is a registered pharmacist and who also continually works in a retail pharmacy. This ongoing practice paid off handsomely in the area of head lice treatment by allowing me to gain an early appreciation for the emerging problem of resistance, as evidenced by the large numbers of people with whom I consulted and for whom traditional nonprescription products were ineffective. It also allowed me to recommend an improved way to eradicate head lice, and to monitor patients who purchased it. Describing these actual work situations to students enriches the academic experience and helps students bring the most effective treatmentsto their patients when they enter their own practice settings.

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