A host-parasite system for testing systemic insecticides

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1966
Authors:C. M. Clifford
Journal:Journal of economic entomology
Pagination:738 - 740
Date Published:1966
ISBN Number:0022-0493
Keywords:animals, insecticide, lice, mice

A host-parasite system, in which large and uniform populations of lice, Polyplax serrata (Burmeister), are developed on laboratory mice, was evaluated as a method for testing systemic insecticides. Tests with ronnel demonstrated that the effectiveness of multiple doses of a systemic insecticide could be evaluated by using this mouse-louse system. Furthermore, other studies on dosages and toxicity in mice would be possible. This host-parasite system has the advantage of testing the chemical on an ectoparasite that is living in its natural microenvironment.

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