Infestation rate of lice in patients in a mental hospital, Seoul, Korea

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1994
Authors:P. K. S. Huh Sun, Kook, J., Chai, J. - Y., Pai, K. - S.
Journal:Kisaengchunghak Chapchi
Pagination:275 - 276
Date Published:1994
Type of Article:Brief Communication
Keywords:epidemiology, Korea, louse, mental hospital, pediculosis

We examined the infestation rate of head and/or body lice in patients in a mental hospital, Seoul, Korea on June 27-28, 1988. Of 438 women, 146 (33.3%) were positive with nits or worms of louse. Of 143 men, 22 (15.4%) were positive with those of louse. Regular control programs were necessary to this hospital.

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