Louse and mite infestation in domestic animals in northern Nigeria

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1992
Authors:J. B. D. George, Otobo, S., Ogunleye, J., Adediminiyi, B.
Journal:Tropical Animal Health and Production
Pagination:121 - 124
Date Published:1992

Records of domestic animals brought to the Veterinary Entomology Laboratory for diagnosis of suspected lice and mite infestation over a 10 year period were analysed. From a total of 794 suspected cases, 137 (17.3%) and 247 (31.1%) were positive for lice and mange mites respectively. The most common lice species recorded were Linognathus vituli (66.7%) on cattle, L. ovillus (83.3%) on sheep, Haematopinus suis (100%) on pigs and Menacanthus stramineus (54.5%) on poultry. Other lice species recorded included Haematopinus bovis and Solenopotes capillatus on cattle, Damalinia ovis on sheep, Linognathus stenopsis and Menacanthus stramineus on goats, Goniocotes sp. on a horse, Linognathus setosus and Menacanthus stramineus on dogs, Goniodes gigas, Lipeurus caponis, Menopon gallinae and Chelopistes meleagrides on poultry. The most common mite species were Demodex folliculorum on cattle (96.9%) and on dogs (80.8%), Sarcoptes scabiei on pigs (100%) and Notoedres cati (80.3%) on rabbits. Other mite species included Psoroptes communis, Cheyletiella parasitivorax, Ornithonyssus gallinae and Dermanyssus gallinae.


Se analizaron los registros de animales domésticos llevados al Laboratorio de Entomologís Veterinaria, para diagnóstico de posible infestación con piojos y ácaros, durante un período de 10 años. De un total de 794 casos sospechosos, 137 (17·3%) y 247 (31·1%) fueron positivos para piojos y ácaros, respectivamente. Las especies más comunes de piojos encontradas fueronLinognathus vituli (66·7%) en ganado,L. ovillus (83·3%) en ovejas,Haematopinus suis (100%) en cerdos yMenacanthus stramineus (54·5%) en aves. Otras especies de piojos encontradas incluyeron,Haematopinus bovis ySolenopotes capillatus en ganado;Damalinia ovis en ovejas;Linognathus stenopsis yMenacanthus stramineus en cabras;Ganiocotes sp. en caballos;Linognathus setosus yMenacanthus stramineus en perros;Goniodes gigas, Lipeurus caponis, Menopon gallinae yChelopistes meleagrides en aves.

Las especies más comúnes de ácaros fueron,Demodex folliculorum en ganado (96·9%) y en perros (80·8%);Sarcoptes scabiei en cerdos (100%) yNotoedres cati (80·3%) en conejos. Otras especies detectadas incluyeron,Psoroptes comunis, Cheyletiella parasitivorax, Ornithonyssus gallinae yDermanyssus gallinae.

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