Mallophagenfunde aus Vögeln und Säugetieren in zoologischen Gärten

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1983
Authors:J. Złotorzycka
Journal:Angewandte Parasitologie
Pagination:166 - 178
Date Published:1983
ISBN Number:0003-3162
Keywords:animals, Animals, Zoo/parasitology, bird parasites, cattle, deer, Dog Diseases, ecology, English Abstract, goats, Mallophaga, mammal, Poland

Almost 1,850 Mallophagen individuals from 95 host species (birds and mammals) most of which from the Zoological Gardens in lodz and Wroclaw (both in Poland) have been investigated. As regards bird biting lice Amblyceran species were found to be more frequent than Ischnoceran ones. The great majority of species and individuals of Mallophaga were host-specific. Stragglers were mainly found on relatively big birds. The "populations" of bird biting lice in the two Zoological Gardens were found to be of smaller quantity and poorer quality than in free nature. Differences of that kind could not be observed with biting lice of mammals.

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