Molecular systematics of Psocomorpha (Psocoptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:K. P. Johnson, Mockford E. L.
Journal:Systematic Entomology
Pagination:409 - 416
Date Published:2003

Previous classification of the insect order Psocoptera has relied on morphological characters. Psocoptera are generallydivide d into three suborders: Trogiomorpha, Troctomorpha, and Psocomorpha. Traditional classification divides the Psocomorpha into four infraorders (Homilopsocidea, Caeciliusetae, Psocetae and Epipsocetae), but a recent morphological cladistic studyremoved Archipsocidae from Homilopsocidea and Hemipsocidae from Psocetae. We investigated the phylogenetic relationships within the suborder Psocomorpha using DNA sequences from the nuclear 18S and mitochondrial 16S, 12S and cytochrome oxidase I genes. Phylogenetic analyses of these gene sequences supported monophyly for Psocomorpha. In addition, monophyly of the traditional subgroups Caeciliusetae and Psocetae was generallysu pported. Monophyly of Homilopsocidea was not supported, and Archipsocus is removed from this group. Although the molecular phylogeny is generally consistent with recent cladistic studies of morphological characters, we found no evidence that Hemipsocidae should be removed from Psocetae.

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