A new treatment of pthiriasis palpebrarum

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1982
Authors:M. Mathew, D'Souza, P., Mehta, D. K.
Journal:Annals of Ophthalmology
Pagination:439 - 441
Date Published:1982
ISBN Number:0003-4886
Keywords:adolescent, adult, child, Child, Preschool, Eyelashes, Fluoresceins/pharmacology/therapeutic use, humans, Lice Infestations/drug therapy/transmission, Lice/drug effects, Middle Aged

Treatment of phthiriasis palebrarum so far is unsatisfactory and prolonged. It was an accidental finding that led us to try various strengths of fluorescein on head lice. It was seen from our study that 20% fluorescein resulted in the lice' instantaneous death. This percentage was used in all our subsequent cases of phthiriasis with excellent results. A new method for the treatment of phthiriasis palpebrarum from the eyelash by a single application of 20% fluorescein is described. This method required no sedation or anesthetic and can be carried out as an outpatient department procedure. It is nontoxic and not irritating. There is no risk of the physician being infested, as the lice and nits are killed instantaneously.

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