Nonviral vector-borne zoonoses associated with mammals in the United States

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:K. L. Gage, Ostfeld, R. S., Olson, J. G.
Journal:Journal of Mammalogy
Pagination:695 - 715
Date Published:1995
Keywords:Acari, Borrelia, cat, disease, ectoparasite, ixodes dammini, los angeles, lyme disease, mammal, medium sized, new york, nonviral, peromyscus, plague, Q fever, southern, spirochete, vector, zoonoses

Interest in vector-borne zoonoses has increased during the past few years as new disease agents have been identified and old ones have re-emerged due to important changes in their ecology or epidemiology. This article reviews nonviral vector-borne zoonoses that occur in the United States and are associated with mammals and their ectoparasites. The zoonoses discussed in this review include plague, tularemia, Lyme disease, tick-borne relapsing fevers, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, rickettsialpox, louse-borne typhus, flea-borne typhus, Q fever, and human ehrlichiosis.

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