Notes on biting lice (Mallophaga) collected from domestic fowl in Japan

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1971
Authors:Y. Matsudaira, Kaneko K.
Journal:Japanese Journal of Sanitary Zoology
Pagination:219 - 229
Date Published:1971

Nine species of biting lice have been reported from domestic fowls in Japan (Table 2). But many investigators have used different genera and specific names ; scientific names of them have been in a strongly confused state.Since 1963 H.I.H. Prince Hitachi has collected many specimens of biting lice from domestic fowls in Chiba Prefecture. These were examined in detail and eight species belonging to six genera were identified (Table 1) ; all the species have
already been reported by Japanese investigators. In the present paper redescriptions and drawings of these iice were presented

Taxonomic name: 
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