A numerical taxonomic study of the mallophagan genera Cummingsiella (=Quadraceps), Saemundssonia (Ischnocera: Philopteroidae), and Austromenopon (Amblycera: Menoponidae) from alcids (Aves: Chadriiformes) of the northwest Atlantic with reference to host-pa

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1977
Authors:E. S. Eveleigh, Amano H.
Journal:Canadian Journal of Zoology
Pagination:1788 - 1801
Date Published:1977

Specimens of Cummingsiella, Saemundssonia, and Austromenopon recovered from the Alcids of the Northwest Atlantic were analysed using the techniques of numerical taxonomy. Twenty one morphological characters common to both sexes plus four genital characters in the males were measured and used in the analyses. Principle axis factor analysis (PAFA) and four clustering techniques were used to determine the phenetic relationships at various taxonomic levels. The results support the familial and generic classifications established by conventional taxonomists. The diagnostic value of genital characters at generic and specific levels were evaluated. The results from the analysis of each genus are presented and compared with existing classifications. With the exception of Austromenopon, the species groups formed within each genus were very similar for both sexes. Host-parasite relationships based on parasite interrelationships were investigated.

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