Pesticides in wool - downstream consequences

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1994
Authors:I. Russell
Journal:Wool Technology and Sheep Breeding
Pagination:344 - 349
Date Published:1994

With current technology, wool production relies on use of pesticides to protect the animals against attack by ectoparasites (mainly fly and lice) throughout the growing season. This use of pesticides can lead to occurrence of residues in the fleece at shearing, and the highest residues are associated with late season treatments. The presence of pesticides on greasy wool may potentially cause problems at many stages in the wool harvesting and processing pipelines, and there are concerns that wool's 'natural' image could be affected. Although there are rare cases of overuse of products, high residues usually arise through within-label usage of currently registered products. This creates challenges for regulatory authorities, pesticide manufacturers and formulators, wool processors and the farming community.

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