Phylogeny of the Heterodoxus octoseriatus group (Phthiraptera, Boopiidae) from rock wallabies (Marsupialia, Petrogale)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1991
Authors:S. C. Barker
Journal:Systematic Parasitology
Pagination:17 - 24
Date Published:1991
Keywords:Amblycera, taxonomy

The phylogenetic position of the Heterodoxus octoseriatus group is inferred from morphological characters. Two character states support monophyly of this group. Another indicates that its sister-group is a group of 11 other Heterodoxus species (here called the H. calabyi group), that infest at least seven other genera of macropodid marsupials. Fourteen potential apomorphies, associated with the male and female genitalia, are identified. Evident rapid and divergent evolution of the genitalia, however, precludes determination of their polarity by comparison with an out-group (the sister-group). Consequently, phylogeny in the H. octoseriatus group is inferred from the close similarity of morphological characters. In light of the phylogenetic analysis and a phenogram, speciation and the evolution of morphological characters in the H. octoseriatus group is discussed.

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