Prevalence of head louse infestation among Russeifa school children

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:A. Rabi, Al-Khateeb, N., Abo-Shehada, M. N.
Journal:Saudi Medical Journal
Pagination:604 - 607
Date Published:1996
Keywords:capitis, children, epidemiology, humanus, infestation, Jordan, lice, pediculosis, Pediculus, school, var

Objective: This study is aimed at studying the prevalence and contributing factors of head lice among schoolchildren. Methods: To calculate the prevalence, all students (3440) in the study area in Al Russeifa were screened for head lice infestation. To study the contributing factors, structured questionaires were filled out by the researchers for 484 students (232 who were infested and the rest were free from head lice). Results: The overall prevalence of head lice was 6.7%% (232 of 3440). The prevalence of pediculosis capitis was significantly (p < 0.05) higher among secondary school children, aged 15-18 years, 7.4% (166 of 2240) than primary school children, 6-14 years, 5.5% (66 of 1200) and among the secondary school boys 11% (126 of 1140) than secondary school girls 3.6% (40 of 1100). The prevalence was influenced by age, sex, family size, house occupancy and father's employment. Conclusions: Head lice is a serious public health problem among school children in Jordan. Control measures are badly needed.

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