Raymond Joseph 'Paddy' Donaldson (1920 - 2005)

We owe a debt of gratitude to the late Dr. R. J. Donaldson [JRSH 2005:125(5):197], affectionately known as Paddy, for the fundamental contribution he made to our understanding of head louse control. In the 1970s, while he was the Medical Officer of Health in Teeside, he risked considerable adverse publicity to throw light on this problem, concealed by individuals and communities alike. He insisted it should be managed like any communicable disease by defining the source, reservoir and susceptible host with the appropriate intervention to break the chain of transmission. He led an intensive detection and treatment campaign. Monitoring showed that "Public education is, indeed, a most effective insecticide." 1 The Bug Busting Days organised by Community Hygiene Concern 2, 3 are bult on this solid evidence base. We will sorely miss our tireless mentor, Paddy Donaldson.

Joanna Ibarra BSc. MA FRSH
JRSH 2005. 125(6):248

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