Relationships within the Rugopharynx delta species complex (Nematoda, Strongyloidea) from Australian marsupials inferred from allozyme electrophoretic data

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:I. Beveridge, Chilton, N. B., Andrews, R. H.
Journal:Systematic Parasitology
Pagination:149 - 156
Date Published:1995
Keywords:Boopiidae, evolution, group, Heterodoxus, host, Macropodidae, marsupials, Petrogale, Phthiraptera, phylogeny, rock, wallabies

Relationships between the strongyloid nematodes Rugopharynx delta, R. zeta, R. omega, R. longibursaris, R. mawsonae and R. sigma, all from macropodid marsupials, were investigated using allozyme data. The phylogenetic trees derived from the electrophoretic data set were congruent with those of the hosts and were consistent with the hypothesis that the species complex originated in pademelons of the genus Thylogale and diversified in rock-wallabies (Petrogale spp.) and scrub wallabies of the subgenus Notamacropus. Host switching is evident only between closely related macropodid taxa.

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