A review of the Geomydoecus texanus complex (Mallophaga: Trichodectidae) from Geomys and Pappogeomys (Rodentia: Geomyidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1975
Authors:R. D. Price, Hellenthal R. A.
Journal:Journal of Medical Entomology
Pagination:401 - 408
Date Published:1975
Keywords:mtax, PHP

Geomydoecus texanus is redescribed and illustrated, with the nominate subspecies restricted to material from Geomys personatus. Five new species and subspecies of Geomydoecus are described: G. texanus tropicalis from Geomys tropicalis; G. ustulati ustulati from 5 subspecies of Pappogeomys castanops (type-host: P. c. ustulatus) ; G. u. clarkii from 2 subspecies of P. castanops (type-host : P. c. clarkii) ; G. tamaulipensis from P. c. tamaulipensis; G. subnubili from 9 subspecies of P. castanops (type-host: P. c. subnubilus). Distinctions between these taxa are shown using qualitative and quantitative characters, and principal components analysis of quantitative characters. A key is given for identifying these 6 taxa.

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