A review of Machaerilaemus (Phthiraptera: Amblycera: Menoponidae) from the Passeriformes (Aves), with the description of five new species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:R. D. Price, Hellenthal, R. A., Dalgleish, R. C.
Journal:American Midland Naturalist
Pagination:61 - 74
Date Published:2002
Keywords:Amblycera, key, mtax, n.sp., PHP, taxonomy

The 25 nominal species of the menoponid genus Machaerilaemus have been studied, with 10 determined to be valid and 13 to be new junior synonyms and two assigned to another genus. Descriptions are given for the previously described species and for five new species: M. cyanocittae (type host Cyanocitta cristata), M. diglossae (type host Diglossa baritula), M. laticapitus (type host Leptasthenura aegithaloides), M. tangarae (type host Tangara larvata) and M. hirsutus (type host "Honeycreeper"). a key is provided for the identification of the 15 species now recognized in the genus.

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