A revision of the genus Geomydoecus (Mallophaga: Trichodectidae) of the new world pocket Gophers (Rodentia: Geomyidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1971
Authors:R. D. Price, Emerson K. C.
Journal:Journal of Medical Entomology
Pagination:228 - 257
Date Published:1971
Keywords:mtax, PHP

A study of over 3800 adult specimens of Geomydoecus, representing material from over 3/4 of the recognized species of pocket gophers, has resulted in the redescription of the 11 previously described Geomydoecus species as well as the description of 31 new species and 3 new subspecies. Keys are provided for the identification of these forms.

Taxonomic name: 
Trichodectidae (Lice), Geomydoecus (Lice), Phthiraptera (Lice), Rodentia (Mammal (Price et al)), Geomyidae (Mammal (Price et al)), Geomys (Mammal (Price et al)), Orthogeomys (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys (Mammal (Price et al)), Zygogeomys (Mammal (Price et al)), Geomys arenarius arenarius (Mammal (Price et al)), Geomys bursarius illinoensis (Mammal (Price et al)), Geomys bursarius major (Mammal (Price et al)), Geomys personatus fallax (Mammal (Price et al)), Geomys pinetis floridanus (Mammal (Price et al)), Geomys mexicanus (Mammal (Price et al)), Geomys mexicanus (Mammal (Price et al)), Orthogeomys grandis alleni (Mammal (Price et al)), Orthogeomys grandis felipensis (Mammal (Price et al)), Orthogeomys hispidus chiapensis (Mammal (Price et al)), Orthogeomys hispidus torridus (Mammal (Price et al)), Orthogeomys hispidus yucatanensis (Mammal (Price et al)), Orthogeomys hispidus chiapensis (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys alcorni (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys bulleri (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys fumosus (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys zinseri (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys bulleri bulleri (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys merriami estor (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys merriami fulvescens (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys merriami irolonis (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys merriami merriami (Mammal (Price et al)), Pappogeomys merriami saccharalis (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys bulbivorus (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys umbrinus (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys bottae bottae (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys talpoides fossor (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys talpoides macrotis (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys talpoides rufescens (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys townsendii townsendii (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys umbrinus parviceps (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys umbrinus tolucae (Mammal (Price et al)), Thomomys bottae bottae (Mammal (Price et al)), Zygogeomys trichopus trichopus (Mammal (Price et al)), Rodentia (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomyidae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Macrotis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Orthogeomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Zygogeomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys arenarius (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys bursarius (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys personatus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys pinetis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys arenarius arenarius (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys bursarius illinoensis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys bursarius major (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys personatus fallax (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Geomys pinetis floridanus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Orthogeomys grandis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Orthogeomys hispidus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Orthogeomys grandis alleni (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Orthogeomys grandis felipensis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Orthogeomys hispidus chiapensis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Orthogeomys hispidus torridus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Orthogeomys hispidus yucatanensis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys alcorni (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys bulleri (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys castanops (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys fumosus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys merriami (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys zinseri (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys bulleri bulleri (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys merriami estor (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys merriami fulvescens (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys merriami irolonis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys merriami merriami (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Pappogeomys merriami saccharalis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys bottae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys bulbivorus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys talpoides (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys townsendii (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys umbrinus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys bottae bottae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys talpoides fossor (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys talpoides macrotis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys talpoides rufescens (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys townsendii townsendii (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys umbrinus parviceps (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thomomys umbrinus tolucae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Zygogeomys trichopus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Zygogeomys trichopus trichopus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Perognathus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder))
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