A revision of the genus Perineus (Phthiraptera, Philopteridae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1988
Authors:R. L. Palma, Pilgrim R. L. C.
Journal:New Zealand Journal of Zoology
Pagination:563 - 586
Date Published:1988
Keywords:mtax, new, Perineus, Philopteridae, PHP, Phthiraptera, species, systematics

Six specimens of the genus Perineus Thompson, 1936 are recognised including one new species. These together with their hosts are: P. nigrolimbatus (Gibel, 1874) on Fulmarus glacialis glacialis, F. glacialis auduboni, F. glacialis rodgersii, and F. glacialoides; P. concinnus (Kellogg & Chapman, 1899) on Diomedea albatrus, D. immutabilis, and D. nigripes; P. concinnoides Kéler, 1957 on Diomedea exulans exulans, D. exulans chionoptera, D. epomophora epomophora, and D. epomophora sanfordi; P. oblongus Kéler 1957 on Diomedea melanophrys melanophrys, D. melanophrys impavida, D. cauta cauta, D. cauta slavini, D. cauta eremita, D. crysostoma, D. chlororhynchos, D. bulleri, Phoebetria palpebrata, and P. fusca; Perneus macronecti new species on Macronectes halli (type host) and Macronectes giganteus. A key and illustrations are provided to both male and female adults of all the species. Lecotypes are designated for two species already synonymised; these are Lipeurus mutabilis Piaget, 1880 and Lipeurus celer Kellog, 1896.

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