Some parasites of the common crow, Corvus brachyrhynchus Brehm, from Ohio

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1968
Authors:J. Jones, Jr.
Journal:Ohio Journal of Science
Pagination:25 - 31
Date Published:1968

Thirty-one species of parasites were taken from 339 common crows over a twenty month period in Ohio. Of these, nine are new host records: the cestodes Orthoskrjabinia rostellata and Hymenolepis serpentulus; the nematodes Physocephalus sexalatus, Splendidofilaria quiscali, and Splendidofilaria flexivaginalis; and the arachnids Laminosioptes hymenopterus, Syringophilus bipectinatus, Analges corvinus, and Gabucinia delibata. Twelve parasites not previously reported from the crow in Ohio were also recognized. Two tables, one showing the incidence and intensity of parasitism in the common crow in Ohio, the other listing previous published and unpublished records of common crow parasites, are included.

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