Species of the genus Saemundssonia (Mallophaga) from the Sterninae

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1949
Authors:T. Clay
Journal:American Museum Novitates
Pagination:1 - 25
Date Published:1949
Keywords:mtax, PHP

All the known species of Saemundssonia from the Sterninae are discussed, and two new species are described. The species of previous authors described from more than one host, and therefore usually composite, are restricted to one type host and redescribed and figured.Neotypes have been erected for species of which the original type material is presumed to be lost and where material from the type host is available. LIST OF SPECIES DISCUSSED, WITH TYPE HOSTS (Synonyms in brackets) Saemundssonia atlantica (Kellogg), 1914 Stercorarius parasiticus (Linne) hopkinsi, new species Sterna aurantia J. E. Grav laticaudata (Rudow), 1869 Thalasseus s. sandvicensis &(Latham) [brevicornis (Giebel), 1874 Thalasseus s. acuflavidus (Cabot)] lobaticeps (Giebel), 1874 Chlidonias n. nigra (Linne) [pustuliferus (Picaglia) , 1885 Chlidonias nigra surinamensis (Gmelin) ] [laricola (Giebel), 1874 Chlidonias h. hybrida (Pallas) ] lockleyi, new species. Sterna vitata georgiae Reichenow melanocephalus (Burmeister), 1838. Sterna a. albifrons Pallas . peristica (Kellogg and Kuwana),1902Sterna fuscata crissalis (Lawrrence) snyderi (Kellogg and Paine), 1910. . Sterna lunata Peale stemae (Linne), 1758 Sterna h. hirundo Linne [fornicatus (Olfers), 1816 Sterna h. hirundo Linne] [5-maculatus (Piaget), 2885 (Chelidon u. urbica (Linne) ]. In error

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