Studien über Raubvogelfederlinge. I. Trollipeurus nov. gen., eine neue Mallophagengattung von Neuweltgeiern

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1963
Authors:J. Złotorzycka
Journal:Angewandte Parasitologie
Pagination:3 - 12
Date Published:1963
Keywords:mtax, PHP

The new genus of mallophaga Trollipeurus nov. gen., seperated from Falcolipeurus s. l., is characterized (and differentiated against Falcolipeurus s. str.) by its general proportions of the body, mean length of the body, big foremost head spots and male genitalia more simple in their construction with endomere especially developed. All Falcolipeurinae from Cathartidae belong to Trollipeurus nov. gen. Amoung the hitherto known species there are Trollipeurus assessor, marginalis, oviceps and ternatus. As new species are described Trollipeurus eichleri nov. spec. from Coryagyps atratus foetens (the genotype) and Trollipeurus kleinmachnowensis nov. spec. from Vultur gryphus. The more primitive structure of the body and the distribution of the genus Trollipeurus nov. gen. support in a remarkable manner the parasitophyletic consideration of the biting lice of the birds of prey in the conceipt of the authors v. Boetticher & Eichler.

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