Studies on Chinese Anoplura V. The Polyplacid Genera Polyplax, Haemodipsus, and Sathrax

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1980
Authors:T. - H. Chin
Journal:Acta Academiae Medicinae Guiyong
Pagination:101 - 107
Date Published:1980
Keywords:asiatica, atax, China, dolibrifer, durus, Haemodipsus, Lagomorpha, lyriocephalus, Polyplax, Primates, rhizomydis, rodentia, Sathrax, serrata, setoni, Troester, Tupaiphthirus

This paper records the sucking lice of the genera Polyplax, Haemodipsus and Sathrax of the fanily polyplacidae. Altogether 10 species are recorded. They are: 1. Polyplax asiatica, 2. P. chinensis, 3. P. insulsa, 4. P. reclinata, 5. P. rhizomydis, 6. P. serrata, 7. P. spinulosa, 8. Haemodipsus lyricc- phalus, 9. H. setoni and 10. Sathrax dura. Among these, specimens of P. asi- atica and P. chinensis were not available to the author. P. insulsa and Po rhi- zomydis are new records from China. Rattus edwardsi and Rhizomys pruinosus are new hosts for them respectively. Tupaiphthirus dolibrifer as described by the author in 1975 should fell synomm of Sathrax dura Johnson, 1964. Keys are provided for the identification of the Chinese genera of the famly Polyplaci- dae and of the species of these three genera.

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