Studies on the ectoparasites (fleas and lice) on rodents in Riyadh and its surroundings, Saudi Arabia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1993
Authors:A. A. F. el Bahrawy, Dakhil M. A. al
Journal:Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology
Pagination:723 - 735
Date Published:1993
Keywords:animals, ectoparasite, Fleas/classification, Lice Infestations/parasitology/veterinary, Lice/classification, Rodent Diseases/parasitology, Saudi Arabia

A survey was conducted on rodents from the Riyadh City and surroundings. Two species of fleas, Xenopsylla cheopis and Ctenocephalides felis felis together with Polyplax spinulosa were collected. The highest infestation rate by both fleas occurred on Rattus rattus followed by Rattus norvegicus and Mus musculus. Females of R. rattus and R. norvegicus were more infested by fleas than males. On the other hand, Meriones spp., Gerbillus spp., Jaculus jaculus and Acomys dimidiatus were infested with X. cheopis and C.f. felis. The highest infestation rate by fleas occurred on Gerbillus spp. followed by Meriones spp.

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