Sucking lice (Anoplura) of mammals of Tennessee

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:L. A. Durden, Kollars, Jr., T. M., Patton, S., Gerhardt, R. R.
Journal:Journal of Vector Ecology
Pagination:71 - 76
Date Published:1997
Keywords:Anoplura, associations, distribution, geography, host, lice, mammal, new, state, sucking, tennessee

Twenty-five species of sucking lice are recorded from wild and domestic mammals, including humans, from Tennessee. Collections of 10 of these species (Haematopinus eurysternus, Hoplopleura captiosa, Hoplopleura hirsuta, Hoplopleura oryzomydis, Hoplopleura trispinosa, Linognathus africanus, Linognathus setosus, Linognathus vituli, Neohaematopinus sciuropteri and Polyplax auricularis) represent newly documented state records. Host specificity was exhibited by 22 species of lice with each of these species being recovered from just one mammal species. Louse infestation prevalences are included for large samples of hosts. A host-parasite list for Tennessean sucking lice is included.

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