Taxonomic review of the Heterodoxus octoseriatus group (Phthiraptera, Boopiidae) from rock wallabies with the description of three new species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1991
Authors:S. C. Barker
Journal:Systematic Parasitology
Pagination:1 - 16
Date Published:1991
ISSN:0165-5752(print), 1573-5192(online)
Keywords:Amblycera, mtax, PHP, taxonomy

The morphology of the male genitalia and the internal genital sclerite of the female is described for species of the Heterodoxus octoseriatus group. Homologous sclerites and spines, required for phylogenetic analyses, are identified. Three species, H. closei n. sp., H. hughendensis n. sp. and H. briscoei n. sp., are described and, with the benefit of a new, large series of lice, the other eight species are revised. New data on type-hosts are provided and a number of questions raised by previous workers are addressed.

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