[Two new species of Philopterus Nitzsch, 1818 (Mallophaga) from passerine birds]

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1973
Authors:I. A. Fedorenko
Pagination:531 - 535
Date Published:1973
ISBN Number:0031-1847
Keywords:Ischnocera, mtax, new species, Philopterus, PHP, survey

Two new species of the genus Philopterus are described. Ph. magnus sp. n. was found on Lanius minor Gm. in the Ukraine and Turkmenia. It differs from Ph. coarctatus (Scopoli), parasite of L. collurio L., by a larger size, structural details of the clypeal signatuare and tergopleural plate, and by the genital area of φ ανδ μ. Πη. ηψποχολιι σπ. ν. ωασ φουνδ ον Ηψποχολιυσ αμπελινυσ Βπ. φρομ Τυρκμενια. Ιτ ισ χλοσε το Πη. χοαρχτατυσ ανδ Πη. μαγνυσ σπ. ν. φρομ ωηιχη ιτ διφφερσ ιν σιζε ανδ σομε μορπηολογιχαλ χηαραχτερσ.

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