In vitro control of Phthirus pubis with four pediculocides: Eurax, Elimite, Licid and Benzanil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:D. A. Ragheb, Morsy, T. A., Abdalla, H. M., Gamra, M. M. Abou
Journal:Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology
Pagination:677 - 681
Date Published:1995
Keywords:animals, Benzoates, Comparative Study, Drug Combinations, humans, hygiene, insecticide, lice, Permethrin, Pest Control, Piperonyl Butoxide, Pyrethrum, Toluidines

Phthirus pubis, Linnaeus 1758 that causes phthiriasis is a common infestation disease. However, it is commonly be acquired in jails, brothels, and other similar places. The efficacy of four insecticides commercially known as Eurax, Elimite, Licid, and Benzanil was evaluated for controlling pubic lice in vitro. The four test insecticides proved to be very effective. However, they differed in time needed for causing 100 percent mortality and they could be arranged descendingly as follows: Licid, Eurax, Elimite, and Benzanil.

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