Data supporting a molecular phylogeny of the hyper-diverse genus Brueelia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:S. E. Bush, Weckstein, J. D., Gustafsson, D. R., Allen, J. M., DiBlasi, E., Shreve, S. M., Boldt, R., Skeen, H. R., Johnson, K. P.
Journal:Data in Brief
Pagination:1078 - 1091
Date Published:Jan-12-2015

Data is presented in support of a phylogenetic reconstruction of one of the largest, and most poorly understood, groups of lice: the Brueelia-complex (Bush et al., 2015 [1]). Presented data include the voucher information and molecular data (GenBank accession numbers) of 333 ingroup taxa within the Brueelia-complex and 30 outgroup taxa selected from across the order Phthiraptera. Also included are phylogenetic reconstructions based on Bayesian inference analyses of combined COI and EF-1α sequences for Brueelia-complex species and outgroup taxa.

Short Title:Data in Brief
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