Ectoparasites of White-Tailed Deer (Artiodactyla: Cervidae) in Southeastern Georgia, USA

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:Wedincamp, J, Durden, LA
Journal:Journal of Entomological Science
Pagination:113 - 121
Date Published:Jan-04-2016
Keywords:ectoparasites, Georgia, white-tailed deer

Ectoparasites were collected from 232 freshly culled white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus (Zimmermann), from October through January during 2000–2001, 2001–2002, and 2013–2014 in an 11-county region in southeastern Georgia, USA. Seven species of arthropods were collected: the ticks Amblyomma americanum (L.), Dermacentor albipictus (Packard), and Ixodes scapularis Say (Acari: Ixodidae); the scab mite Psoroptes equi (Hering) (Acari: Psoroptidae); the chewing louse Tricholipeurus lipeuroides (Mégnin) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae); the sucking louse Solenopotes binipilosus (Fahrenholz) (Phthiraptera: Linognathidae); and the ked Lipoptena mazamae Rondani (Diptera: Hippoboscidae). Prevalence (percentage of deer infested) was significantly higher during the 2013–2014 season for D. albipictus, I. scapularis, and P. equi, and significantly higher during the 2000–2001 season for T. lipeuroides. Prevalence and mean intensity (mean per infested deer) for D. albipictus were both significantly higher on male versus female deer for each sampling period (hunting season) and for combined data (all seasons combined). Prevalence of I. scapularis was significantly higher on male deer during the 2013–2014 season and for combined data. Mean intensity of L. mazamae was significantly higher on male deer during the 2001–2002 and 2013–2014 seasons and for combined data.

Short Title:Journal of Entomological Science
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