Chewing lice (Phthiraptera: Amblycera, Ischnocera) on birds in the Kızılırmak delta, Turkey

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:Dik, B, Erciyas-Yavuz, K, PER, E
Journal:Revue de Médecine Vétérinaire
Keywords:Amblycera, birds, chewing lice, Ischnocera, Passeriformes

The goal of this research was to detect lice species on birds sampled in Cernek Bird Ringing Station located in Kızılırmak delta in Turkey between May 2014 and October 2015. Birds were examined for lice infestation. A total of 619 bird species were examined, and lice were detected on 117 of the 619 birds (18.90%). A total of 21 genera and 35 species of chewing lice were detected on the infested birds. Six of these were Amblyceran genera; the other 15 were Ischnoceran genera. Five lice species were in the genera Menacanthus and Brueelia; four lice species belonged to the genus Philopterus, three to the genus Ricinus, and two to the genus Actornitophilus. In this study, several species were recorded for the  rst time in Turkey.  ese species included Lipeurus caponis from Phasianus colchicus, Ardeicola celeris from Ixobrychus minutus, Rallicola ortygometrae from Crex crex, Actornitophilus spinulosus and Lunaceps sp. from Limosa limosa, Menacanthus fertilis from Upupa epops, Penenirmus serrilimbus from Jynx torquilla, Menacanthus curuccae from Luscinia luscinia, Iduna pallida, Sylvia atricapilla and Sylvia communis, Myrsidea sp. from Riparia riparia and Brueelia sp. from Phylloscopus trochilus and Ficedula albicollis, Philopterus desertus and Penenirmus sp. from Muscicapa striata, Philopterus rapax from Fringilla montifringilla, Ricinus dolicocephalus from Oriolus oriolus, Philopterus reguli and Ricinus frenatus from Regulus regulus, Ricinus elongatus from Turdus iliacus and Turdus merula, and Brueelia marginata from Turdus philomelos Additionally, A. celeris from I. minutus, M. curuccae from I. pallida, and Brueelia sp. from Phylloscopus trochilus and Ficedula albicollis were reported for the  rst time on these bird species.

Alternate Journal:Revue Méd. Vét.
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