Human Lice in Paleoentomology and Paleomicrobiology

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:Drali, R, Mumcuoglu, KY, Raoult, D
Journal:Microbiology Spectrum
Pagination:8 pp
Date Published:Jun-08-2017

Lice are a classic example of cospeciation. Human lice confirm this cospeciation with lice specialized in hominids which differ from those of gorillas and chimpanzees. Head lice and body lice seem to belong to closely related species with different ecotypes and a different geographical distribution which may reflect population movements. Paleo-entomology allows us in some cases to trace the migrations of archaic human populations. The analysis of lice found on mummies in Egypt and South America has clarified a certain number of these migrations, also the study of lice and the diseases they transmit has shed a new light on the epidemics of the past.

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