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Control of lice infestation in horses using a 10 mg/mL deltamethrin topical application

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:E. Castilla-Castaño, Vischi, A., Navarro, C., Lecru, L. Alice, Ribeiro, C., Pradier, S., Cadiergues, M. - C.
Journal:Irish Veterinary Journal
Pagination:5 pp
Date Published:Jan-12-2017
Keywords:Deltamethrin, lice infestation in horses

Background: Two open-controlled studies evaluated the tolerance and the efficacy of a 10 mg/mL deltamethrin-based pour-on solution (Deltanil®; Virbac, France) in treating (study 1) and preventing (study 2) natural Damalinia equi infestations in horses. In study 1, seven adult horses received 10 mL of the solution from mane to tail head on day 0 (D0). Four adult horses, living separately, served as non-treated controls. All were naturally infected. Lice burden was recorded by counting the number of live parasites, bilaterally, over seven anatomic regions. Lesional score was based on alopecia, crusts, papules/pustules, nodules/plaques, scales and wounds, each assessed on a 0–3 scale. Evaluation was performed on D0 and subsequently weekly until D56 in treated horses and on D0 and D56 in control horses. In study 2, six adult horses free of parasites were similarly treated on D-2 and D30. Two adult horses, naturally infested with D. equi and left untreated, were mixed with the treated horses from D0 to D60. Evaluation was performed similarly to study 1 on all horses, fortnightly until D60.
Results: No adverse event was recorded in either study. In study 1, parasite and lesional scores of control horses were maintained on D56. Parasite scores of the treated horses were reduced by 98% on D7 and 100% from D15 to D56 (mean [SD]: D0 44 [58.4]). Lesional score in treated horses was reduced by 24, 82, 47, 91, 96, 93, 93 and 100% on D7, 15, 21, 28, 35, 42, 50 and 56, respectively (mean [SD]: D0 3.1 [1.8]).
In study 2, the lice populations remained high in the two control horses throughout the study (max mean [SD]: D0 159 [151.3], min D45 34 [39.6]). On treated animals, all parasite counts were negative except on D15 (one louse found). The protection rate was 99.7% on D15 and 100% from D30 to D60.
Conclusions: A single application of the 10 mg/mL deltamethrin preparation was effective and safe in the treatment and in the prevention of lice infestation in these horses. It was also effective in preventing new infestations for one month.

Short Title:Ir Vet J
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