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Bartonella quintana and Typhus Group Rickettsiae Exposure among Homeless Persons, Bogotá, Colombia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:Faccini-Martínez, ÁA, Márquez, AC, Bravo-Estupiñan, DM, Calixto, O-J, López-Castillo, CA, Botero-García, CA, Hidalgo, M, Cuervo, C
Journal:Emerging Infectious Diseases
Pagination:1876 - 1879
Date Published:Jan-11-2017
Keywords:Bartonella quintana; Brazil; Colombia; Rickettsia; arthropods; bacteria; homeless persons; lice; typhus group rickettsiae; vector-borne infections

In 2015, we investigated Bartonella quintana and typhus group rickettsiae in body lice from homeless persons in Bo- gotá, Colombia. We found B. quintana–infected body lice and seroprevalence of this microorganism in 19% of home- less persons and typhus group rickettsiae in 56%. Public health professionals should start preemptive measures and active vector control.

Short Title:Emerg. Infect. Dis.
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