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Population characteristics of black kite lice

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:A. Kumar Saxena
Journal:Journal of Parasitic Diseases
Pagination:684 - 686
Date Published:Jan-09-2017
Keywords:biting lice, Black kite lice, Mallophaga

A look on literature revealed that the population characteristics of Phthiraptera infesting Black Kite, Milvus migrans Boddaert deserved investigation. Thirty-two kites were sampled in district Rampur (U.P.) India during Jan- uary 2011–December 2012, for the presence of phthi- rapteran ectoparasites. Two amblyceran species, Laemobothrion maximum Scopoli and Colpocephalum turbinatum Denny and one ischnoceran louse, Degeeriella regalis Giebel were recovered. The prevalence, intensity of infestation, sample mean abundance, range of infestation, sex ratios, and adult nymph ratios of three lice were recorded. C. turbinatum ranked first in the order of preva- lence and intensity of infestation, followed by D. regalis. The prevalence and intensity of L. maximum was quite low.

Short Title:J Parasit Dis
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