Changing Demographics and Prevalence of Body Lice among Homeless Persons, Marseille, France

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:T. Duc Anh Ly, Touré, Y., Calloix, C., Badiaga, S., Raoult, D., Tissot-Dupont, H., Brouqui, P., Gautret, P.
Journal:Emerging Infectious Diseases
Pagination:1894 - 1897
Date Published:Jan-11-2017
Keywords:alcohol, alcoholism, body lice, delousing, ectoparasites, France, homeless, hygiene, louse, migrant, North Africa, Parasites, poverty, risk factors, shelter, smoking, Tobacco

The prevalence of body lice among 2,288 sheltered home- less persons in the city of Marseille during 2000–2017 was 12.2% and significantly decreased over time. We report a positive association between body lice infestations and older age, duration of stays in France for migrants, frequent consumption of alcohol, and tobacco smoking.

Short Title:Emerg. Infect. Dis.
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