Diagnostic characters of three nymphal instars and morphological features of adult Collard-dove louse Columbicola bacillus (Phthiraptera : Insecta)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:P. Singh, Gupta, N., Khan, G., Kumar, S., Ahmad, A.
Journal:Journal of Applied and Natural Science
Pagination:7 - 11
ISSN:0974-9411 (Print), 2231-5209 (Online)
Keywords:Avian louse, chaetotaxy, Colard-dove

The morphological features of three instars of nymphs and adults of Columbicola bacillus (Ischnocera: Phthiraptera) collected from Collard-dove Streptopelia decaocto were stud- ied. Present report furnishes Second instar nymph can be separated from first instar due to appearance of additional seta on pterothorax on seventh to eight adominal segments. Third instars can be distinguished from second instar due to appearance of pleural seta on abdominal segment seventh to ninth.

Short Title:JANS
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