Prevalence of Head Lice Infestation (Pediculosis Capitis) Among Primary School Students in the Meshkin Shahr of Ardabil Province

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:A. Nategh, Eslam, M. - A., Davoud, A., Roghayeh, S., Akbar, G., Hassan, B., Mehdi, S.
Keywords:Ardabil, Elementary Student, head lice, infestation, Iran

Head lice infestation is so common in all parts of the world such as Iran especially in places with high population with poverty and lack of observing personal health principles. The maximum prevalence of louse infestation in children was observed in elementary school. Over prevalence of infestation in this age group and its relationship with education system and thus its generalization to the total population was the main reason of selecting this age group for the present study. This study was descriptive-analytical which aimed to determine the prevalence of head lice in elementary schools students of Meshkin Shahr city in Ardebil province in academic year 2015-2016. 1950 students were selected from 20 schools. For data analysis, the variables were analyzed as multivariate by chi-square test. In general, 1950 students were selected from 20 schools from which 200 students (10.25%) were infested to head lice. From 200 infested students (61%) were city and 78 students (39%) were from village. The ratio of the students in classes with more than 20 students was two times the others and the ratio of the students that studied in the schools with more than 100 students was three times the other schools. The difference between both groups was significant in terms of Pediculosis infestation. (P<0.01). It can be concluded that a set of important factors like crowdedness of students in classroom and school, high population of family, low level of parents’ education were the main reasons of louse infestation and its increase in the current societies.

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