Mitochondrial DNA analysis of intraspecific variation in the Phthirapteran chewing louse, Halipeurus pelagicus from Madeiran storm petrels, Oceanodroma castro.

Publication Type:Unpublished
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:K. Sumner
Pagination:46 pp
Date Published:March 2001
Institution:University of Glasgow (?)
Type of Work:Honours Project Report

Summary of Aim

The aim of the project is to use mitochondrial DNA analysis to study intraspecific variation of Halipeurus pelagicus, a feather louse colonising the Madeiran storm- petrel, Oceanodroma castro. The two possible types of variation to be investigated are;
1. Genetic variation between lice from hot- and cool-season breeders, corresponding to the genetic variation discovered in O. castro
2. Genetic variation between lice from different island populations.

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