Evaluation of Treatment with Squill Vinegar in 10 Patients with Head Pediculosis

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:S. Abdolhosseini, Mokaberinejad, R., AlianNezhadi, V., Bozorgi, M., Nazem, E.
Keywords:Iranian Traditional Medicine, lice, nits, pediculosis, Squill, Squill Vinegar

Background: Head lice infestation is a major global health challenge which greatly affects school-aged children. This infestation has different rate in different regions of Iran from 0.9% to 30%. In spite of the diversity of Pediculosis treatments, it still has a high prevalence in the country and it becomes regularly epidemic. In Iranian traditional medicine, "Squill vinegar" is one of the most effective medicines for the treatment of head lice. The objective of this report is the provision of an effective treatment for patients that are resistant to the treatment of head lice according to the perspective of traditional medicine in Iran.

Case Presentation: Ten 12-14 year old female students with treatment-resistant head lice (based on National Lice Care Guideline (2015) used Squill vinegar locally for one week after using permethrin shampoo twice. Examinations were done on 2nd, 7th and 14th days. Two patients were excluded owing to lack of follow-up. Infestation was not observed in 4 patients in 7th and 14th days examinations. In two cases, infestation was significantly reduced (75%) in 7th and 14th days. In all cases, the itchiness was gone.

Conclusion: Public interest, proper acceptance on the part of the patient, presence of scientific evidence, easier access and fewer side effects have made medicinal herbs to be the center of attention for many therapists. World Health Organization has also considered the research on medicinal plants with a long history of consumption to be allowed on humans with acceptance of specific directives and criteria. Accordingly, indigenous experiences including long-term use of the plants and "historical-cultural medicine" contexts can be considered as the starting point for such studies. This report stresses the effectiveness of Squill vinegar in the treatment of head Pediculosis resistant to treatment and recommends its implementation in school health units.

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