New species of Hoplopleura (Anoplura: Hoplopleuridae), parasites of Ochotona (Lagomorpha: Ochotonidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:E. F. Sosnina, Dubinina E. V.
Journal:Zoosystematica Rossica
Pagination:237 - 244

Mammals of the genus Ochotona Link are parasitized by lice Hoplopleura ochotonae Ferris. This species was found on Ochotona alpina Pall., O. daurica Pall., O. roylei Ogilby and O. hyperborea Pall. Two new species are described: Hoplopleura bilobata Sosnina & Dubinina, sp. n. from Ochotona (Conotoa) macrotis Günther (Kirghizia and Tajikistan) and Hoplopleura uralensis Sosnina, sp. n. from Ochotona (Pika) hyperborea uralensis Flerov, a subspecies isolated in the Polar Ural by Pleistocene glaciation from the main distribution range of the species east of the Yenisei. In addition to females and males, eggs and larvae of all stages are described for H. bilobata, and larvae of two stages for H. uralensis.

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